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greetings & welcome to my artful-gemstone-creative adventure of honoring, encouraging & supporting all to journey within, nurturing & cultivating true inner-authentic-beingness, awakening from all life’s ahha*ness moments & experiences into deeply meaningful, understandings of becoming oneself to sharing more love. (established, 2009)

gemstone & pearl jewelry to share & to wear.   

about unusual design jewelry* artful-bliss offerings, are gifts of honoring  shared  love, nurturing, encouragement & support from  magnificent beings taking part in my life’s adventure, as without each one of them in my life, i would not have become artful.

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*about druzy*

druzy, drusy, druse: a variety of ways to spell this magnificent phenomena. druzy is the small, thin layer of delicate & beautiful quartz crystal formations that cover the surface of a host stone. ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced to fill into a porous area of rock, (the host stone), and with the rapid cooling this magnificent phenomena of formation of minute crystals is created. healing attributes are considered to be those of a balancing, harmonizing nature as well as improving ones physical energy. additionally, enhancing extrasensory perceptions, stabilizing, strengthening influences helpful in self exploration, patience, & beginning new projects.

about blue & green gemstones

spark intuition, imagination, inspiration-soul nourishment,smoothly treking the inner most aspects of your connections, creativity, manifestation of you-ness. be in honor of your hun, that which pushes up beingness from the inner most depths of your inner universe infinite-ness of all that is.

about purple, red, pink & orange gemstones

passionate spark of ignited loving kindness, joyfulness, breath of the soul, knowingness, receiving, giving, moving, bringing quality of denseness, being, laughter, tears. meaning to the meaning. protectiveness.

about yellow, golden & brown gemstones

central, clearing, aligning, grounding, attending to physical awareness, abode of being, experiencing senses, aliveness, holding all aspects of being here in place.

about white & quartz crystal gemstones

discernment, structural integrity, beauty of connections, awareness of love, gate of life force connection, more grounding, receiving, giving.

about black & grey gemstones

depth, source, authenicity, reproduction, regeneration, renewing, ability to be.

about color vibes*

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