there are no physical organ structures associated or in relationship to the heart constrictor/triple heater. pericardium & triple heater are energetically related to  &  more protective in their functions. heart constrictor or percardium is the protector of the heart. triple heater, warmer or sometimes called burner is identified as upper, middle and lower which relates to the heating ability of the bodily function, as a simple description. stones that can assist in soothing function and vibration can also be found in the fire element, more specific here: amethyst, sugalite, charoite, some jaspers and agates. some labradorite flash a beautiful violet to name a few

heart constrictor: the pericardium energies serve as the interface between the communicating ego of a person & the communicating ego of others. these are the energies responsible for the realization of successful interpersonal relations, for the quality & quantity of contact with the outside world that enhances individual development. wi would call this communicating ego the “false self,” which deals with the world, negotiating the best possible arrangement there for  the maximum fulfillment of the “true self,” which itself never communicates directly. (i think of it as the “shen” or “spirit,” as the creative potential energy which is the responsibility of each of us to make manifest). it is said that the shen or “spirit” resides in the heart during life. it is the work of the pericardium energies to provide both nourishment & protection for the shen & the heart. one must be both receptive & acquisitive in achieving sustenance, as well as clever & sharp though fair, so that one does not give too much away in the inevitable bargaining that characterizes energy exchanges throughout life, after intimacy. (i emphasize fairness because it is a point of wisdom that greediness is a seed of self-destruction.) while one does not cheat, one sees to it that one is not cheated. all of the ego skills contributed by other energetic systems are coordinated by pericardium energies to afford safe human contact while the inner self grows. these include the strategy & planning of the gallbladder & liver, the sense of limits to one’s powers afforded by kidney energies, memory from the bladder, communication from the heart, the digestion & distribution of thoughts by stomach & spleen, & others that we have already or yet to discuss. the most fundamental issues of human existence is safe contact with other human beings. from the beginning, people will take those measures that ensure both their safety & their connection to other people, according to the requirements of the environment….the pericardium system manages this safe passage through adverse environments so that all other energic systems, especially the heart, may be spared the drain of restitutive operations & devote their full energies to the consummation of their essential natural functions. restitution is an ongoing & endless task, a constant drain upon the energy required for the pericardium’s other tasks….we subsume pericardium, triple heater, & small intestine energies under the aegis of the fire element, in which the heart is the emperor, the supreme commander to whom all other energies are subject, to whom they minister & are therefore known as “ministers.” the heart energy provides the inspiration & communication of higher thought & emotion. the pericardium provides the communicative energies for the defense & defines, focused assertion of this inspiration as well as the “reason” necessary for the achievement of enduring creation. the term triple heater is a misleading translation of the original term san qiao. san means 3&qiao means level, sometimes referred to as “warming spaces.” here, the san qiao refers to the three “warming” levels of the body, upper, middle, & lower. the relationship of san qiao energies to “heat” or “warmth” is only one aspect of its principal functions, which more importantly are ones of distribution, integration, balance, & homeostasis. from: leon hammer, md “dragon rises*red bird flies-psychology & chinese medicine”

*about druzy*

druzy, drusy, druse: a variety of ways to spell this magnificent phenomena. druzy is the small, thin layer of delicate & beautiful quartz crystal formations that cover the surface of a host stone. ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced to fill into a porous area of rock, (the host stone), and with the rapid cooling this magnificent phenomena of formation of minute crystals is created. healing attributes are considered to be those of a balancing, harmonizing nature as well as improving ones physical energy. additionally, enhancing extrasensory perceptions, stabilizing, strengthening influences helpful in self exploration, patience, & beginning new projects.

about blue & green gemstones

spark intuition, imagination, inspiration-soul nourishment,smoothly treking the inner most aspects of your connections, creativity, manifestation of you-ness. be in honor of your hun, that which pushes up beingness from the inner most depths of your inner universe infinite-ness of all that is.

about purple, red, pink & orange gemstones

passionate spark of ignited loving kindness, joyfulness, breath of the soul, knowingness, receiving, giving, moving, bringing quality of denseness, being, laughter, tears. meaning to the meaning. protectiveness.

about yellow, golden & brown gemstones

central, clearing, aligning, grounding, attending to physical awareness, abode of being, experiencing senses, aliveness, holding all aspects of being here in place.

about white & quartz crystal gemstones

discernment, structural integrity, beauty of connections, awareness of love, gate of life force connection, more grounding, receiving, giving.

about black & grey gemstones

depth, source, authenicity, reproduction, regeneration, renewing, ability to be.

about color vibes*

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